Hunslet BO-BO


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The Scunthorpe Hunslet Bo-Bo

In the 1960s British Steel planned the multi-million-pound refurbishment of the Scunthorpe steelworks site known as the Anchor Project, of which work began in the 1970s. Part of the project was a
fleet of new locomotives to take molten iron in “torpedo” wagons to the BOS (Basic Oxygen Steelmaking plant), These powerful locomotives were to be designed and built by the Hunslet engine company. Work began on the 10 locomotives in 1972 and was completed by the end of 1973, numbered 70-79 (Works numbers 7281-7290) with one more joining them, number 80 (WN 7474) in 1977. Built with two Rolls DV8 engines, these locomotives became the iron hauliers of Scunthorpe. In 1990 they were re-engined with two Perkins CV12s and fitted with remote control operation as part of the project to continuously improve the site. In more recent years, two locomotives (No.77 and 78) have been scrapped. Number 79 was later rebuilt as number 30 and fitted with a new style control system in the 2000s and named “Fusion”. Most recently a new overhaul project began in 2015 with 72 and 73 the first to receive this treatment to assure the fleets’ use in years to come.

  • 73 Original Green
  • 71 British Steel Blue
  • 72 British Steel Yellow/Blue
  • 79 British Steel Yellow/White ‘Big Keith’
  • 21 pin MTC Decoders

DCC Ready £180,

DCC Fitted £210,

DCC Sound £280

Written by Andrew Plumtree, Publicity
Officer, Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society.

Delivery is expected Winter 2023.  This is subject to change.


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