BR Palbrick Wagon


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The Palbrick Wagon dates back to the mid-1950s, seeking to replace the ancient brick wagons used by LNER.

Originally medium goods wagons converted to carry pallets of bricks, the Palbrick featured 3 different variations for different sizes of pallets. Palbrick A could carry 13 tons, whereas B and C could carry 16 tons.

Across all of the roughly 1400 Palbrick wagons that were made, all of them had some changes or variations to them that differed from the standard templates.

By the 1960s, most of them had fallen out of use and converted into other types of wagons. Some were converted into match wagons, others into shell case wagons. Now, very few exist across the UK.

We will produce both body shapes of the Palbrick B wagon, the most common.  Available in 3 wagon packs.

Available now and ready to ship.

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